It’s a cold rainy night. A boy and a girl are having candlelight dinner in a restaurant.

“I love you.” the boy says softly and nervously with a wineglass playing in his hand.

“Are you serious?” the girl asks tentatively after a few seconds of silence.

“If I don’t speak it out I would regret in my whole life” says the boy sincerely and eagerly.

“But we are friends that share everything with no secret.” The girl seems a little scared by the sudden confession.

The boy knows the answer even before she starts to reply.

“I want to know what’s the feeling in your heart, do you love me?”

He lifts his head and looks at the girl. She is twenty-one-year old, a youthful girl in her prettiest age with fair skin and bright talking eyes.

“Campus love is the purest and most memorable” The boy continues to show his determination.

“You are considerate, steady and responsible, you can find a better girl” says the girl mildly so as not to hurt him.

“You just don’t know how much I love you.” the boy drinks up another cup of wine and lights up a cigarette. The alcohol and the smoke give him power to express his deep affection though he should have remained reasonably and gracefully in front of his loved one.

This situation reminds the boy of two years ago. He was fond of another girl in the college then. On a Christmas Eve, he brought a present to the girl to show his good feeling. However, the girl became cold to him from that day on. Several months later, the boy saw the girl holding another guy’s hand in the campus. That night, he was totally drunk and was carried back to dormitory by his roommates.

The experience left him scarred in the following days until he met this girl. The girl was lively and cheerful, so lovely that dragged him out of shadows of the past for a time. But he dared not to show his love to her and was afraid of losing a best friend.

The boy reverts to his conversation with the girl.

“The time I spent with you were my most happy moments, though there were also my sad moments. The moment when you told me that a guy wanted to be your boyfriend. The moment when you were weeping because someone misunderstood you, and every lonely night when I was missing you” the boy couldn’t stop expressing his strong feeling under the alcohol stimulation.

“In your life, there will at least one time that you forget yourself for someone, asking for no result, no ownership nor love. Just ask for meeting him in your most beautiful years” tears running down from the boy’s face after he finishes saying these words he learnt from a romantic novel.

This time, it is raining hard and there are flashes of lightning follows by thunder outside.

Suddenly, the boy rushes out of the restaurant into the heavy rain. He stands there still as if he was trying to calm himself.

The girl follows out after him. Being reminded of the past sweet days and moved by his sincerity, she runs over to the boy and hugs him close to her knowing that no other boy would love her more than he does.

I suddenly wake up from the dream and sit motionlessly in the bed. I never had a dream so real before and it takes me several minutes to recover from it. I dress myself and walk toward the balcony, it’s going to rain. In real life, I can’t imagine that I dare to confess my love to the girl. Instead, I phone to her and say” I dreamed you last night…”