Subject:Re: Rv: Bluedio/extra shipping freight 

1,  Buyer, Date:2015-10-20 10:41


Today I received form f, thanks.

Did you sent goods? Please tell me when you get tracking number 

Thanks again


2, Seller, Date:2015-10-20 11:23

Hello Seb,

Here is tracking number for your goods:##########

One another thing i need to tell you about freight charge:
The DHL shipping cost that is offered by our forwarder now is 20% higher than it was offered on end of last month. Our forwarder informed us that the dhl shipping rate has gone up since beginning of October.(You can also contact with your local DHL to confirm about this news)

(On Sept., 30 when we sent the PI to you, the shipping fee by DHL to Chile was only RMB48/kg, and goods weight was 94kg totally. That was 48*94=4512RMB, so we quoted $727 for the shipping fee.
Now the shipping fee by DHL to Chile is RMB 58/kg. That is 58*94=5640RMB, it equals to $909 totally.

Thus, my logistic colleague told me that our company have to pay extra $909-727=$182 to the forwarder for shipping of your goods. Also shiping of the Form F by DHL, we paid 150RMB, that was USD$24.)

So totally our company paid extra over USD$200 for shipping of your goods and the form F, besides the $727 you paid us.

Could you please pay at least $100 to us for the extra fee our company paid to forwarder? You do not need to pay us right now, you can pay this fee to us when you are ready to place your next order.  And we bear rest of the fee($106) as we did not tell you the expire time of the shipping freight offered by forwarder, that was mistake of our logistic colleague.

Hope you can understand this situation and please let us know your idea.



3,  Buyer, Date:2015-10-20 19:58

hi, thanks for tracking number information.

About this second extra fee, you know that normally, when this things happens, it’s seller who pay this extra fee, but you have been a good seller and I can pay this 100USD in next order.

I’m going to tell then when it would be



4,  Seller, Date: 2015-10-20 22:38

Hello Seb,

Thanks a lot for your understanding! I applied  my company that we should bear that extra fee as we did not inform you in advance about the lead time of the shipping freight that our forwarder quoted. But my financial colleague told me that we can’t bear all of that extra fee as that was too much and finally agreed that you only need to refund $100.

When this kind of thing happened, most of the sellers may secretly add the extra fee to next orders of buyers as they think buyers would never notice this. But i insisted that we should tell you officially regarding this. Because we are looking forward to a long-term partnership. So we should always let you know the truth if there is an issue happened.

Thanks again for your understanding!


5,  Buyer, Date: 2015.10.21 09:51

Ok, don’t worry, have a nice day





When ask sellers to offer shipping freight for your small wholesale order if you shop online to resell, please follow below tips:

  1. Confirm about carton quantity,dimension, and weight of your ordered goods.
  2. Be clearabout the valid time of seller’s quotation for shipping freight.
  3. Be noted about what carrier will use, and the delivery time and period.
  4. Compare the shipping freights from different carriers, and choose the best.