Yunnan, a picturesque province be praised as “The South of Clouds” in southwest of China, is a place where we had been thinking about a road trip for years. This idea was finally turned into action in May which is a nice season with everything growing and flowers blooming.

Road trip to Picturesque Yunnan

The morning in Yunnan was a bit cold while it was another blazing feeling after the sunrise. Our first stop was Dayan Old Town in Lijiang after getting off the plane. Rows of quaint homestay, gorgeous flowers and vivid green plants can be seen everywhere.

Quaint homestay

We spent the afternoon walking around the town and visiting exquisite stores. It surprised us that the day got dark at 8 PM, which is 2 hours later compared to the same latitude area of China. We deemed it as a gift endowed by magnificent nature that letting us enjoyed 2 extra happy hours each day.

The next day, our destination was Lugu Lake. With the rocking music played out by a Bluetooth speaker brought together with us, we drove carefully along the extremely winding roads around steep mountains. Finally got ourselves settled in a lake-view homestay.

peninsula lying on the crystal lake

In the afternoon, we started to wander around and came across a peninsula. It’s a place like paradise lying on the crystal lake, enjoying the surrounding quiet beauty and peaceful twilight. The hustle and bustle in big cities have nothing to do with it.

Crystal lake

We got up early in the next morning, waiting for a glimpse of sunrise alongside the lake which is right in front of our homestay. The splendid sun showed up slowly from the mountain on other side of the lake.

Lake in front of homestay
Sunrise from Mountain

The next destination was Shangri-La which is an oxygen-deficient high altitude holy land. Every step forward all the way means closer to the azure blue sky. The cloud seemed like floating over our head, we could touch and hold it in our hands if stretched out.

Snow blended with the white cloud
A road trip to the South of Clouds

It’s standing on the Shika Snow Mountain when we were closest to sky in these days. Going up and down by ropeway, it’s very exciting to see the snow in summer though it’s dazzling. Taking a broad view, vast snow blended with the white cloud, extraordinary holy and marvelous.

The last stop was the Lashihai Wetland Park with dense forests, flourishing flowers and spectacular rivers. A random shot of photo can be fancy wallpaper.

A random shot of photo can be fancy wallpaper

The meaning of the travel has been turned out to be beyond our expectation. There is a popular saying: “You can either travel or read, and either your body or soul must be on the way”. So just start planning a road trip with your beloved one and favorite music for happiness and freedom, take action now instead of thinking about it for years like us!