Supplier Screening Service


  • Supplier List with essential info of 1-3 reliable companies.
  • Verification Report of your ultimate selected supplier.
  • 2 Customized Verification Item tickets.



Importing from China, means outsourcing your production to China suppliers and putting your supply chain into factories that are far from your country. And as a startup, you may be looking for all kinds of products from different suppliers to test your market, but it’s time-consuming and difficult for you to get important information about their thorough profile and actual capability to narrow down choices among tremendous suppliers.



iBestMe Supplier Screening Service aims to help getting authentic essential info and verification of factories in mainland China based on your product requirement at super affordable cost. It’s the most cost-effective way for you to save time, avoid scams and check qualification in searching and selecting your new suppliers.


  • Supplier List:

According to your demand for product, a list of 1-3 reliable suppliers with essential info about their profiles will be provided in 48 hours. And you are free to reach out to them immediately and directly for more info and negotiate about your order details. The List items included:

No.:Company Name:Company Location:Established Year:Main Products:Brand/OEM/ODM:Company Website:


  • Verification Report:

Once you selected a supplier to work with, a report with legal registered and verified info of the supplier will be provided in 48 hours. The report is vital for you to ensure worry-free payment transaction and qualified cooperation before placing order and sending payment. The Report items included:

1. Registered info
Company’s English name:Company’s Chinese name:Unified Social Credit Code:
Legal Representative:Registered Capital:Date of Establishment:
Registered Address:Business Scope:Registration Status:
2. Verified info
Total of Employees:Production equipment:Company certificates:


In addition, you have 2 Customized Verification Item tickets for FREE, perfect for you to get verification of supplier’s qualification based on your personalized demand and preference.



Based in Shenzhen which is the largest exporting city in China, we are able to complete the above processes for you through official government sources and real-time investigation. And research can be done more efficiently and completely in our local time and language via internet, quick phone calls or even field visit. So we act as your eyes in China with our professional experience in dealing with Chinese factories to ensure that the one you selected is right for you.


Note: for more details, please check FAQ (refer to Supplier Screening Service tab)or Contact us for questions.


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