Why use iBestMe Product Shopping Guide

  • 1) Innovative 3-magnet drivers deliver full-range sound loudly. 2) 3D surround sound effect reproduces sound as CD record. 3) 3000 mAh long-lasting battery and 1000 hours standby. 4) Latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology. 5) Great portability design suits your mobile lifestyle. 6) Audio-in: Connect via audio cable when out of battery. 7) Clear hands free calls and mute microphone function. 8) Up to 24bit@48KHz high resolution produces sound details clearly. 9) Multi-language voice prompts and user manual (EN, CN, FR, ES, JP). 10) Support connecting to two mobile phones together.
  • 1) Great Sound: big Φ57 mm speaker unit, latest Bluetooth 4.1. 2) Cool Look: 195° rotary and turbine housing. 3) Comfortable wearing: Soft Protein leather and ergonomic design. 4) Supports SD card(up to 32G), FM radio function, and has built-in mic. 5) Audio-in& Audio-out: Connect via audio cable when out of battery, connect via audio cable to another headphone. 6) Multi-language voice prompts and user manual (EN, CN, FR, ES, JP). 7) APP-enabled: Controls music playing and adjust EQ. (Click to download App)
  • 1) Zn alloy material body: ensures it to be durable. 2) 57mm titanizing diaphragm driver: lowers THD and make sound more powerful. 3) 3D sound effect: brings lively and stirring experience. 4) Support micro SD card playback. 5) Memory foam earmuffs for long-wearing comfort. 6) Line-in and line-out: Enjoy music even if battery runs out and also enables sharing music. 7) Foldable and flexible design: more convenient and portable.
  • 1) ANC technology: Active Noise Cancelling cuts off surround noise. 2) Vibrant bass and crispy mids: Unique Cavity Design. 3) Durability: Premium materials and high-end polymers with chrome finish. 4) TYPE-C three in one Interface: Supports charging and data transmitting. 5) Rotating cup design and flat folding mechanism:Perfect for  journeys. 6) Full Control buttons: ANC, power, volume, track, and call controls. 7) Bluetooth 4.2: Latest technology for smooth transmission and energe saving.
    1. Full compatibility: 3.5mm TRRS Jackfor mobile phones, computer, and adapter for cameras and other professional audio devices.
    2. High sensibility, clear and accurate voice recording experience, ideal for all sorts of recording, both indoors and outdoors.
    3. Clip-on design,with 6m extra long cable allows journalist, or recorders to hold manuscripts or do anything else easily while recording.
    4. Small size, extremely light-weight, and mini metal clipenables it to be easily clipped to your collar, tie or pocket.
  • 1) Light-weight, portable, and stylish. 2) Unique demountable design, save space. 3) ABS, TPU and Aluminum, flexible and durable materials. 4) Perfectly compatible for almost any headphones sizes.
    1. Qi standard: Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices.
    2. Controllable lights:Easily control the light status.
    3. Colorful lights: 16 million colorful ambient LED lights.
    4. Fast Charge: Support 9 Voltage high speed fast charge.
    5. Intelligent chip: Automatically identify mobiles and start fast charging mode.
    6. Safe protection: Identify metal objects, avoid energy consumption.
    7. Quality material: Solid transparent tempered glass and ABS material.
    • Payment Arrangement by RMB to all your suppliers (Product Fee not included).
    • Product Testing & Inspection of products from different suppliers.
    • Parcel Repacking & Shipment Arrangement of small parcels (Shipping Fee not included).
    • Supplier List with essential info of 1-3 reliable companies.
    • Verification Report of your ultimate selected supplier.
    • 2 Customized Verification Item tickets.

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