57mm driver

/57mm driver
  • 1) Great Sound: big Φ57 mm speaker unit, latest Bluetooth 4.1. 2) Cool Look: 195° rotary and turbine housing. 3) Comfortable wearing: Soft Protein leather and ergonomic design. 4) Supports SD card(up to 32G), FM radio function, and has built-in mic. 5) Audio-in& Audio-out: Connect via audio cable when out of battery, connect via audio cable to another headphone. 6) Multi-language voice prompts and user manual (EN, CN, FR, ES, JP). 7) APP-enabled: Controls music playing and adjust EQ. (Click to download App)
  • 1) Zn alloy material body: ensures it to be durable. 2) 57mm titanizing diaphragm driver: lowers THD and make sound more powerful. 3) 3D sound effect: brings lively and stirring experience. 4) Support micro SD card playback. 5) Memory foam earmuffs for long-wearing comfort. 6) Line-in and line-out: Enjoy music even if battery runs out and also enables sharing music. 7) Foldable and flexible design: more convenient and portable.
  • 1) ANC technology: Active Noise Cancelling cuts off surround noise. 2) Vibrant bass and crispy mids: Unique Cavity Design. 3) Durability: Premium materials and high-end polymers with chrome finish. 4) TYPE-C three in one Interface: Supports charging and data transmitting. 5) Rotating cup design and flat folding mechanism:Perfect for  journeys. 6) Full Control buttons: ANC, power, volume, track, and call controls. 7) Bluetooth 4.2: Latest technology for smooth transmission and energe saving.