• 1) Zn alloy material body: ensures it to be durable. 2) 57mm titanizing diaphragm driver: lowers THD and make sound more powerful. 3) 3D sound effect: brings lively and stirring experience. 4) Support micro SD card playback. 5) Memory foam earmuffs for long-wearing comfort. 6) Line-in and line-out: Enjoy music even if battery runs out and also enables sharing music. 7) Foldable and flexible design: more convenient and portable.
  • 1) Innovative 3-magnet drivers deliver full-range sound loudly. 2) 3D surround sound effect reproduces sound as CD record. 3) 3000 mAh long-lasting battery and 1000 hours standby. 4) Latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology. 5) Great portability design suits your mobile lifestyle. 6) Audio-in: Connect via audio cable when out of battery. 7) Clear hands free calls and mute microphone function. 8) Up to [email protected] high resolution produces sound details clearly. 9) Multi-language voice prompts and user manual (EN, CN, FR, ES, JP). 10) Support connecting to two mobile phones together.

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