We designed iBestMe Product Review Program for review website owners, social media active members, product reviewers, online entrepreneurs, iBestMe fans and consumer electronics tech geeks, etc. We will ship out free product samples, give out rebate or other bonus to paticipants who are qualified for our requirements in top priority.

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  1) Free samples to:

  • Owner or editor of review or marketing websites on consumer electronics products.
  • Active member of social media & forum like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, etc. with spirit of sharing.
  • Experienced reviewers or online entrepreneurs in creating insightful unbiased text or video product reviews.

  2) Rebate or bonus to:

  • Loyal fans of iBestMe and consumer electronics tech geeks who already bought from our store.

Responsibilities & Rights:

  • Participants shall test and provide to us link of the unbiased reviews with linking to products in iBestMe Store after two weeks since receiving product samples.
  • iBestMe owns the right of posting the text, pictures, video reviews from participants to our own sites.

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