Nillkin Magic Disk 4, latest version of popular Nillkin Magic Disk series, is a QI standard fast wireless charger with increased charging efficiency of up to 80% and controllable light indicator.

Nillkin Magic Disk series wireless charger development history
  1. User Guide:

It’s super easy to operate the Nillkin Magic Disk 4:

1) Plug in cable to power on the Magic Disk 4 wireless charger.

2) Then put your mobile on it to charge, cyan light indicator will automatically turns on.

3) How to control and convert the light indicator:

a. When charging, the cyan light is on, press the side button, you can turn it off to avoid distraction if you are sleeping and it’s placed at bedside.

b. When not charging, warm white light is on, press the side button, it converts to a cool colorful night light(16 million colors), and press again, the light can be turned off.

Nillkin Magic Disk 4 controllable light indicator
Nillkin Magic Disk 4 features
  1. Functions:

1) Intelligent chip: It can automatically identify device and starts fast wireless charging mode, stops after fully charged. Safe and stable.

2) Fast Charge: It supports 9 Voltage high speed fast charge, charging speed is increased by 40% and comparable to wired charging.

3) Safe production: Indentifies metal objects automatically, it avoids energy consumption and overheat.

  1.  Materials:

1) Its front interface is made from transparent tempered glass which is solid and durable.

2) Its shell is made from ABS material which is light-weight and smooth in surface.

3) Its bottom is made of silicone rubber which is anti-skidding and heat sinking.

Nillkin Magic Disk 4 wireless charger compatibility
  1. Compatibility:

1) Mobiles like Sumsung S8 which supports wireless charge and fast charge can be directly used with the Nillkin Magic Disk 4.

2) Mobiles like iPhone 7 needs to work with wireless charging receiver like Nillkin Magic Case, Magic Tags, etc.

3) Mobiles like Sumsung Note 4 wireless charging contacts, shall be installed with receiver coil.

Magic Disk 4 wireless charger usage scenario
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