Nillkin Distributor Wanted Program has been carried out: Nillkin is now in its fastest growing period of looking for distributor worldwide, to expand additional distribution channels and develop strategic sales partners further in many countries. If you are currently eagerly seeking a brand supplier in order to increase market share, revenues and go beyond your competitors, Nillkin is a good choice for you to cooperate with.

Details of Nillkin Distributor Wanted Program:

Brand Name:



  • Bluetooth Speaker, Car DVR;
  • Wireless Charger, Car Charger, Wall Charger;
  • Phone Case, Screen Protector, Cable, and other accessories.

Distributors Qualifications:

  • Recognize Nillkin brand and its products.
  • Official company in target area with fixed office address.
  • Own distribution channels or have strong collaboration with channels.
  • With distribution experience of same or similar products.
  • Established Marketing, sales and after-service teams or departments.
  • Strictly obey “Price Control Policy” of end market set by Nillkin.
  • Execute product promotion or new product release activities.
  • In coordination with Nillkin to fulfill monthly sales plans and goals.

Nillkins Supports:

  • All products with favorable retail packages and standard accessories.
  • Adequate current stock for almost all products from complete categories.
  • Negotiable discounts for increased order quantity and long-term cooperation.
  • Within 2-7 days quick processing, guaranteed testing, safe shipping.
  • Full product materials including pictures, videos, certificates, banners, etc.
  • Useful marketing stuffs like Nillkin customed carrying bags, stands, working clothes, etc.
  • Provide Letter of Authorization for qualified official distributor, online reseller, etc.
  • All-around timely technical and after-service support in worry-free communication.

Become a Part of Nillkin Distributor Network:


1, If you are a distributor or reseller who is interested in the cooperation above or if any further info needed, please contact Nillkin or fill up the form at bottom, it’s highly appreciated if you can start the contact with below details:

  • Country or area you are in
  • Brief introduction of your company
  • Distribution channels or experience
  • Interested products or categories


2, If you are an agent or person who is interested in being sales representative and capable of introducing Nillkin brand to distributors or resellers in your country, also please feel free to contact us to discuss further about commission or incentives.