Nillkin 8th Anniversary

What is life?

Life is every joy and gratitude, romance and warmth.

Life is simple.

 Just go if there’s a road , and pursue if you have a dream.

Dare to try, ignore sneer, and no fear of failure.

Nillkin 8th anniversary

Aug. 26, 2009, was the date when Nilkin was created.


Nillkin 8th Anniversary – Our Design Concept of Icon:

Nillkin logo derived

Diamond: noble and elegant, solid and bright

Shield: strong, safe, protective

Crystal: technological, focused, exquisite, excellent

“N”, as the first letter of logo Nillkin, is the creative starting point for Nillkin icon which is derived from the image of diamond, shield, and crystal. Perfectly combined characteristics of the three: diamond stands for nobility, elegance; shield stands for safety, protection; and crystal stands for technology, focus. It reflects the advanced technology, high-quality products, and great brand value of Nillkin.


Nillkin 8th Anniversary – Our Spiritual Motto:


“There is no end in pursuing!”

“Integrity-based, innovation-oriented” is our persistent brand philosophy.

“Innovation, simplicity, perfection” is our permanent product goal.


Nillkin 8th Anniversary – Our Patents and Awards:

Product Patents




2017Nillkin Phantom II MC4

lamp bluetooth speaker

Utility Model Patent
2016Nillkin Magic Case

wireless charging receiver

Utility Model Patent
2015Nillkin Cozy MC1

Wireless charging bluetooth speaker

Design Patent,

Utility Model Patent

2015Nillkin Hermit

multi-functional wireless charger

Utility Model Patent
2014Nillkin Phantom I

lamp wireless charger

Design Patent,

Utility Model Patent

Product & Brand Awards


Product or Brand


2015Nillkin Phantom I

lamp wireless charger

“Most Creative Product” Prize

in Macworld Asia 2014 “The Best”

2014Nillkin“2013-2014 Annual Leading Brand” Award in Mobile Smart Terminal Consumer Electronics Industry
2014Nillkin Partner anti-lost device“Annual Innovative Equipment” Prize

in Peripheral Selection

2013Nillkin phone case“Annul Best Fashion Theme” Prize

in Accessory Selection of Mobile China

2012Nillkin Frosted Shield “City Impression” series“Third Winner”

in Mobile China


Nillkin 8th Anniversary – Discover Innovation, Change Life:

  1. Bluetooth Speaker:

Nillkin Cozy and Phantom series: MC4, MC2, MC1 and latest model MC5 are positioned for home theater, advocate for slow pace of life concept and unlock a lithe and graceful life. They are combination of unique design and multi-function that can be blended to every scene of life.

Nillkin home theater bluetooth Speaker

They are artworks that adorn the interior decoration of your room and add more beauty and comfort to life. They are far more than speakers.

Nillkin bluetooth speaker artwork

Outdoor series: X-man X1, Playvox S1 are portable, waterproof, and anti-crash. Hook, sucker, power bank functions are added to perfectly meet the versatile outdoor experience.

Nillkin outdoor bluetooth speaker

  1. Wireless & Car Charger:

The most classic Nillkin wireless charger should count on the Magic Disk series, and now latest model Magic Disk 4 has released. Just imagine how convenient it is without annoying cable connection between gadget devices and charger, simply put and then charging starts.

Nillkin wireless charger developing history

Moreover, Nillkin developed wireless charging receivers and phone cases like Magic Tags, Magic Case to enable more mobiles like iphone to be compatible with wireless charger.

Nillkin wireless chargers

  1. Phone Case & Screen Protector:

Frosted Shield, the first and one of the most popular Nillkin phone case series, have accompanied and guarded over 50 mobile brands for over 7 years. Mould for each case and screen protector is opened based on real mobile devices, Nillkin strive to offer the most professional protection for mobiles.

Nillkin phone cases for all mobile brands


Making digital life more wonderful because of Nillkin!

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