fall in love
We fell in love,
while college graduates drifting apart,
in the sentimental summer of 2013.
You were in Shenzhen,
i was in Guangzhou.
Long distance gave us trust,
instead of separation.
“The greatest happiness is finding another me”,
you said.
We got engaged,
after 2 years.
Ended the long distance,
we came to Guangzhou.
Lived together,
worked together,
studied together.
Days without you,
i could hardly imagine.
get engaged
together forever
In pursuit of our freedom and belief,
i focused on working and studying.
Forgive my negligence of trivial things,
it caused unpleasant moments.
Thanks to your tolerance,
we never felt tired of each other.
We took memorable wedding photos,
picked “together forever” Darry Ring,
selected decent residence in Ganzhou.
We share the same life value,
strive for same achievement.
Although there are obstacles ahead,
and sometimes we feel anxious.
I always hold the belief that,
being with you,
we will create a happy life as we desired!
-Your Mr. Right,
Mar. 10, 2017.