News has been spread around that iPhone 8 is coming with wireless charging in high possibility upon September. Manufacturers of wireless charger product in China also have excitedly joined the spread of this news and believed that iPhone 8 wireless charger will be the next booming demand among their buyers.

It’s still unknown if the iPhone 8 wireless charger technology will adopt QI standard or other solution. So it’s not sure if the current wireless charger that Chinese manufacturers’ve produced are compatible with upcoming iPhone 8 and its two companions iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus or not. But they have no worry on this aspect.

iPhone 8 wireless charger technology not confirm

“We are making intensive effort in getting the first hand news of the iPhone 8 wireless charging technology’s final solution. Even if our current wireless charger products turned out to be not compatible with iPhone 8, we have the capability to adapt our current wireless charger products to the iPhone 8.” , said by an insider from Nillkin which is a top wireless charger brand manufacturer in China and has just released its latest Magic Disk 4 Fast Wireless Charger.

Nillkin Magic Disk 4 released soon

So Chinese suppliers still deem this opportunity as the highest “wind gap” of wireless charger market in 2017 and firmly believe that it’s highly necessary for their customers to make an advanced strategic business plan on wireless charger product with no hesitate.

iPhone Wireless charging receiver

In other aspect, there is a factor that Apple is an official member of the QI Wireless Power Consortium, And Apple has reserved QI wireless charging interface on their current mobile models like iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6 Plus, IPhone 6. By use of QI standard wireless charger receiver or phone case, current iPhones can be enabled to wireless charging easily.

With wireless charging applying directly to Apple devices and improved efficiency of wireless charging technology, extensive popularity of wireless charger is just a matter of time as a growing number of Android mobile brands will have a finger in the pie, it can be expected that wireless charging use as the standard way of charging in future. In addition, without fussy wired connection between phone and charger, it’s unquestionable for every gadget fans on the convenience of wireless charging technology.