International trade sales, those who talking to you behind the screen!

1, Who are they: 

  • Majored in English (or other languages), international trade, e-commerce, marketing, etc.;
  • Knowledge or working experience of a certain industry or product.

2, What they do:

A, Develop new oversea customers and get orders by:

  • B2B websites like Alibaba, Global Sources, Made-in-China, etc.; B2C websites like Aliexpress, DHgate, Amazon, Ebay, Newegg, Lazada, etc.;
  • Domestic or oversea exhibitions;
  • Search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.;
  • Social netwroks like Facebook, Twittter, Linkedin, etc.;
  • Recommended by friends in the same field.

B, Maintain existing customer and follow up order.

C, Get familiar with products and offer after-sales service.

D, Deal with suppliers, freight forwarders, custom clearance company.

3, How do they work:

A, Communication tools:

  • Email–No doubtly the most frequently used way, some of they are crazy that even send 1000 emails each day to customers that are found by search engines.
  • Phone/fax–The most direct way if they want to get immediate reply.
  • Skpe–The most popular network communication software to get in touch with their customers over the world instantly.
  • Trademanager–A convenient software to use for registered members of B2B website Alibaba.
  • Whatsapp–A great way to send message or call by cell phone number.
  • Wechat/QQ–The most popular instant communication software in China that are made by Tencent

B,  File transfer:

Drop box, Wetransfer, etc.

C, Browser/proxy server/VPN:

Webfreer/Xskywalker–Services of Google and SNS websites like facebook, Twitter, youtube,etc have been unaccessable in mainland China for a long time.

4, When do they work:

Overtime working is common due to the time differences among countries over the world.

They even stay overnight in order to talk instantly to customers from American Continent. And most of them are too busy to enjoy the two-day weekend.

5, Where are they:

Cities: Mostly are cities in Pearl River Delta Area like Shenzhen,Guangzhou, etc and Yangtze River Delta Area like Shanghai, Ningbo, Yiwu.

To be continued…