A customer in Europe is interested in a China brand, but the brand already have an exclusive authorized distributor in that country. So the brand asked the customer to purchase from the distributor, while the customer still hope to purchase directly from the brand. Then have the below conversation:



“well, it’s about the price. If they can offer the same price as you, it means you offer them a smaller price than you offer to me. I would prefer working with you for smaller price.

We retail professional cosmetics online on 3 web shops, 2 in romania and 1 in hungary for 6 years, over 200k orders. Our next project is to retail phone accessories, on this moment we are looking for serious suppliers and you could be one of them.

Be malleable, we do serious business, and we could have a great collaboration in the future.”


China brand:

“If we meet you earlier, and if there is no other distributor in your country, i think we are eagerly to work with you for all of our product categories. We know you can be serious and competent customer in a long-term.

But the building of business takes time, and the distributor have been worked with us for many years. I believe they can offer best pricing and professional service to you. So you can reach out to them first about prices and ordering process.

Our pricing to customers are based on quantity and the years of cooperation. But you are beginning the cooperation, so i’m afraid that the prices we can offer to you is not same as we can offer to the distributor for now.

And for phone accessories, we think it’s better not supply to several customers at the same time in the same country for now. It’s one of the business rules that we should obey. As it’s our responsibility to create and maintain a fair and healthy environment for our market. And in the future, when you grow up as our exclusive distributor, i think you hope that we can do the same for you.

Can you please reach out to the distributor and send inquiry first? And if it eventually proved that they are not able to satisfy your demands, or if service is bad, i think we can consider in future to work directly for the phone accessory category as well.

You are looking for serious suppliers and do serious business, so you do not want to work with a China brand that break business rule, right? I think you can understand us. Thanks.”


iBestMe’s Note: Always choosing to do business with China brand that obey business rule!