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Letter “i” is pronounced “ai” in Chinese which means “love” and gives iBestMe the meaning “Love the Best of Me“, we strive to build your better future in every possible way as we understand that you can always be a better version of “you”, or worse version of “him”.

6 ways of avoiding shipping delay when shopping

Massive online shopping in peak season causes shipping delay 1, What buyers were saying? A, Javier Werner: 2015-11-17 08:13:47 "Due to shipping delays, please extend delivery date by [...]

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Bluedio Distribution Agreement

-How to be Exclusive Agent and Authorized Distributor of Bluedio brand? 1, Overall requirements: 1), Distribution amount standard: Worldwide market&territory division(by country): Order amount standard(monthly): Note: A, Unites States, Canada, [...]

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4 tips of avoiding extra shipping freight for resellers

Subject:Re: Rv: Bluedio/extra shipping freight  1,  Buyer, Date:2015-10-20 10:41 Hi, Today I received form f, thanks. Did you sent goods? Please tell me when you [...]

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