1. About iBestMe

With slogan “Empower Startups Importing From China, iBestMe is committed to providing professional sourcing, value-added services and practical courses for startups or SMEs worldwide who import from China. We are specialized in international trading, supply chain management and marketing based in Shenzhen, focused on best selected consumer electronics, creative phone accessories and other emerging products or brands. 

We founded iBestMe in June 2014 for sharing trading knowledge based on real experience with professionalism in consumer electronics trading field since 2013. After helped several China brands utilize cross-border e-commerce to establish more online presence on social media networks, we formally started providing one-stop sourcing service for our trusted friends and customers in Europe in 2016.

Till now, it has become our core competence and mission to understand the pains that small distributors, resellers, retail stores, online entrepreneurs worldwide faced when importing from China. We strive to offer most cost-effective supply chain management solutions according to customers’ demand in first priority, and empower them sourcing best niche products from most reliable factories in China by our high value-added and worry-free services.

iBestMe, the letter “i” is pronounced “ai” in Chinese which means “love” and gives iBestMe the meaning “Love the Best of Me“, we strive to build your better future in every possible way as we understand that you can always be a better version of “you“, or worse version of “him“.

iBestMe Sourcing Service


2. Our team

We are a group of passionates learnt international trading, marketing, and English from University. After initially immersed in consumer electronics industry as international trade sales for OEM factories of Bluetooth speakers, headphones and audio accessories, we expanded global business and built up cross-border B2B e-commerce for original china brands. Eventually an aspiring team of consumer electronics tech geeks, international trade experts, skilled purchasers and experienced e-commerce operators gathered together. 

  • Capabilities: international trade, supply chain management; product sourcing, business negotiation; cross-border E-commerce, network marketing; customer service, business English; Photoshop & design.
  • Language: English(Business English Higher level), Chinese(native).
  • Philosophy:Create Value and Make Little Things Great!”

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