Q1: Does it make sense that “don’t let your children lose at the starting line”?

A: Spending the lifetime comparing with others is the root of tragedy.

Q2: What’s the criterion for making friends?

A: The otherworldly wise,

The earthly strong,

Or optimistic ordinary people.

Q3: Shall I spend the tuition for school or traveling worldwide? Why?

A: It’s a Chinese proverb that “It’s better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books”,

while traveling ten thousand miles without knowledge is nothing but postman.

Q4: Does it feasible to learn programming at the age of 30?

A: The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, or now.

Q5: Why do people would rather go university and find a job than dropping out for taxi driving, running a stall, etc?

A: “Son, I ask you to study hard, it’s not for the scores, but for the freedom of choosing a meaningful job with leisure time rather than just for making a living. The meaningful job brings you sense of achievement, the leisure time brings you dignity. Achievement and dignity bring you happiness.”

-By Long Yingtai, a modern writer in Taiwan, China

Q6: What opinion should be hold for inspirational books?

A: No mater how many you read, they are all just others’ life.

Q7: There are too many wonderful books and movies, we are destined never able to finish reading and watching. What opinion should be hold for this?

A: ”Don’t fear for the infinity of truth,

there is enjoyment each step forward.”

-By Hu Shi, a Chinese philosopher

Q8: What’s the value of suffering?

A: Never believe that suffering is valuable.

Nevertheless, strengthen your will for unavoidable suffering.

Q9: How did you walk out of tough time?

A: Walk more steps.

Q10: How hard should i strive to be a stronger?

A: If you’re meant to be a stronger, the answer is in your blood.

If you’re meant to be ordinary, just be the best of yourself.

Q11: What ’s the perfect love in your opinion?

A: It can be imperfect.

Q12: Is it true that the more mature, the harder to fall in love?

A: No. The more mature, the easier to distinguish if it’s true love.

Q13: The excitement fades away after half a year of in love. What should I do?

A: The excitement doesn’t mean repeating the same life with different girls, but exploring different life with your loved one.

Q14: What’s the key to an everlasting marriage?

A: Act as unmarried.

Q15: Why should we work hard?

A: The most miserable thing in life is not “i failed”, but “I should have”.

Q16: What’s the main reason for resignation?

A: Low salary, endless tasks, and far away from home;

Insignificant position, little power, and huge responsibility;

unhappy, unpromising future and no freedom.

Q17: What’s the best suggestion in saving money?

A: Remember these before spending money: i love it, it fits me, i need it now.

Q18: I’m 26 years old with 3 years of working experience, is it worthy to go aboard for 3-year education now?

A: Ordinary players choose standard setting, while advanced players choose customized setting.

Q19: What concept do you changed after living abroad for a long time?

A: It’s more about difference, not right or wrong.

Q20: Why didn’t Facebook be copied?

A: The best way to protect idea is to execute it well.

Q21: Is there a skill that can be learned in a short time but of significant help in a lifetime?

A: Praising others.

Q22: What can be done to improve the quality of life?

A: Throw things away regularly.

Q23: What is well-experienced?

A: The ability to enjoy the best and bear the worst.

Q24: What do you not believe until you prove it by yourself?

A: “Never underestimate your capability;

never overestimate your perseverance.”

Q25: Why do we sometimes envy but other times admire when someone is stronger than us?

A: For somebody with interest conflict, we envy; for others without interest conflict, we admire.

Q26: What’s low EQ?

A: Be deferential to strangers, while irritable to intimates.

Q27: How to provide suggestion without leaving imbuing and compelling feeling to others?

A: Persuade others from the perspective of benefits, not rationality.

Q28: What’s the best suggestion you ever got in life?

A: “Excessive self-focus is the root of evil.”

“Never be entangled with things not happened.”

“It’s the earliest time when you think it’s late.”

Q29: What idea enlightened your life?

A: Talent decides your upper limit, and effort decides your inferior limit.

But the majority of people not make their best efforts, let alone talent.

Q30: What do you think of the saying that “youth who say let it go is hopeless”.

A: It’s hopeless to conclude complicated life by one words.

Q31: How to refute “Be realistic, that’s the world”?

A:“Your world is what you are.”

Q32: How to make the world better?

A: Make yourself better.

Q33: Why should we do good if the good will not always be rewarded?

A: We insist on doing something not for the reward but for its rightness.

-By Václav Havel, ex-president of Czech

Q34: What is the demarcation point between science and superstition?

A: “I’m wrong.”

Q35: What’s your understanding of freedom?

A: The power to say “no”

Q36: What’s the next words after a well-known sayings that surprise you?

A: “Man is born free”

The next:

“but everywhere he is in chains. “

“One who thinks himself the master of others,

Unexpectly, is more of a slave than others.”

-By Rousseau