In the evening of September 8th, 2017, Alibaba Group 18th Anniversary Annual Meeting was held in Hangzhou, China. And Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba made a closing speech.

Alibaba 18th Anniversary-Jack Ma

The speech can be condensed into 15 words:

  1. The majority of people believe because they see, while Alibaba see because we believe and it makes us what we are today.

  2. For the future, we are still a child.

  3. Idealism has driven us up to today, we can lose everything but idealism.

  4. Alibaba has become 21th economic entity in the world. While we hope to be the 5th  in the future, not for scale, but for social responsibility and world mission.

  5. We must become the catfish that accelerates development of all industries.

  6. With the aim of becoming a Chinese company that is respected by the world, in the next 5-10 years we are not to surpass others, but to help others solving future problem.

  7. Globalizationis unstoppable.

  8. Technology shouldn’t become a tool that extends the gap between rich and poor, but should be absolutely generic and shared to all human beings.

  9. Customer always comes first, our most valuable fortune is customers’ trust.

  10. “www”means “win win win”, first win to customer, then partner, and third to our staff.

  11. We promise to our staff, after 10 years of perseverance, you will be the best of you.

  12. You may complain to company, but definitely not to customer and society.

  13. We must have a humble heart. Apart from platform, customer and partner, we are nobody.

  14. Work hard, play hard,and be grateful to family.

  15. Hold on to our dream. We are different and keep going for the next 84 years, because of our dream.